Mud Puddles!

Ugh. When you have something yucky in your life that has happened to you or that is painful that you should really just leave alone and leave in the past, we call that a mud puddle. (Actually or marriage councilor/friend called it that).

I have a tendency to drag a toe in the puddle, walk around the puddle, throw a rock in the puddle, look at the puddle through a window or anything I can do to revisit the angst or the pain the puddle brings. WHY? Why do I do this? I don't know! I am sure Melinda would say I get something out of it. Yucky feelings, angry feelings, distance between me and the spirit, are a few of the things I get. A need to shower to get all the mud off and start over. YUCK!
Melinda used to ask me what I gained from the Mud puddle and what I cost me. (she always had those tricky questions that made me stretch and grow and throw my fists in the air at her!)

WHY would I share something like this? I think because I KNOW that we ALL have our own personal mud puddles, whatever they may be!
So what does your mud puddle cost you? What do you gain? What do you have to give up when you are splashing around in the dirty, yucky mud? Today I would encourage my family and friends or random people reading to TAKE A DIFFERENT DRY PATH ALL TOGETHER! Stay away from your mud puddles. It never pays to get dirty!

This is what I look like after a dip in the mud puddle. Not good.

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Heather said...

Thanks Suzy for sharing. Just what I needed to read.