slip and slide!

While Uncle Ryeley was here he bought us a "Slip and Slide"! My kids have been waiting for nice enough weather to pull that baby out! Their first day of spring break was just that! Juliet would just run on the slip and slide and try not to fall. She eventually gave up and just splashed in the puddle that builds by the fire pit!
She found a worm and wouldn't let that poor thing go. I felt so bad for that squirmy little worm in a 2 year old death grip!
Showing mommy the "woomy"
When there wasn't a death grip on the worm there was the back up stretch torture. (Don't worry, I eventually freed him and he wiggled his way back into the grass!)
Dash had the slip and slide mastered in no time! The kids played so hard on it that the next day they were all sore. Sore abs, sore thighs, sore muscles all around!
Of course Dash couldn't help himself to a little potty humor!
Max figured it out pretty quick too. He preferred the thigh slide!
Darby liked to use the air mat that came with the slip and slide.
They loved the wipe outs!
Dash could get going so fast he would slide off the mat!
Another great wipe out!
Of course there has to be chanting and dancing while you wait for your turn. I don't remember the chant but the dancing was so funny I couldn't stop taking pictures. Will someone PLEASE get these boys some swim trunks? (The Easter Bunny brought some, no worries)
I love Dash laughing in this one and yes Max's suit is falling off of him. The velcro had given out!
Darby yelling at Dash for smackin her booty! "what?"
Some more chanting and dancing!
More chants and dances. (Yes we feed Darby. She is just long and gangly! Oh what I wouldn't give to be long and gangly!)
The 3 musketeers!
Laughing REALLY hard at Max's wipe out!
I had to snap this one because the 2 of them were getting soooo mad at Dash because when he would only get half way down the slip and slide he would say it didn't count and would go again. It was pretty funny because he was just trying to get more slide time in.

Thanks Uncle Ryeley for this fun gift! Can't wait for you to come out and try it with us!

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