We are NOT potty training!

Juliet is ready. Let me re-phrase. Juliet thinks she is ready. She tells me when I need to change her diaper. (usually when it is FULL not after one tinkle) She loves to sit on the potty. She tells you after she has tinkled in her diaper that she has pooed! She loves to wear big girl panties and loves to take off her diaper. SO with the new panties great granny gave her for Christmas we were going to try!
The pink potty that she LOVES to sit on!
Look close. This is NEXT to the pink potty. There was more in the kitchen and the hall way and outside too. 5 pairs of panties.
So we take off the panties and run free while mom answers a couple of emails. We have sat on the potty 90 times and peed everywhere else so with no juice cup we should be safe to sit at the computer for 5 minutes....... right. Beware this is going to get graphic!
This little surprise is what she handed me while at the computer. As she was walking up to me I thought to myself "when did we get an army grenade toy?" Then I yelled and she dropped it and I screamed like there was a mouse. She screamed and cried and I screamed and cried. Then I put her in the tub and got the camera to document why we are NOT potty training right now!

Bath time after a FULL day of potty training!~ Those are toys in the tub not toy army grenades! :)

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The Peterson's said...

Um... fun! She is so funny.