Darby's Play Production was finally here. It was well worth the time and the money! Once we got there I was AMAZED that this was a grade school production. Everyone involved kept telling me just to wait and see. (usually when I complained about the money part of it......that I have to brag and say I paid almost all of it with my fitness cash!) The cast included, Jr. play production of 30 2nd graders, and Sr. play production of 32 3rd graders, 31 4th graders and 34 5th graders. (5th grade is the spot to get to because the 5th graders are guaranteed solos. They have been there the longest and it is their last year.....Darby can't wait for 5th grade!)

The work was done and now we got to sit back and enjoy the fruits of Darby's labors! :) These are just a FEW of the pictures a mom shot! (The email had over 950 photos of amazing pictures!)

The Evolution of Rock is just that! It covered all genres of music. Starting with "50's Oldies" songs included- Peppermint Twist, The Hop, Rock Around the Clock, Rock and Roll Music, Tutti Frutti, Earth Angel, Great Pretender, Yakety Yak, Great Balls of Fire, Be Bop A Lula, The Fly, Watusi Time, Locomotion, Peggy Sue, Hound Dog, Shake Rattle & Roll, Rock & Roll is Here to Stay! It then moved on to "Motown" Songs from that were.... "Give It Here, Respect, Stop in the Name of Love, ABC, Dancin' in the Street. THEN onto "American Peace Rock" I was really excited for this section because this was Darby's BIG section! Songs here were..... The Times They are A Changin', Piece of My Heart, Both Sides Now (Darby's Duet), I Dig, Monday, Monday, Flesh Failures, Hair, Aquarius, Let The Sun SHine In!

The pictures are a little out of order but I will just go with it! MTV GENERATION!!!!
SONGS INCLUDED Video Killed the Radio Star, Whip It, Macho Man, Material Girl, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, I Love Rock & Roll, We Got the Beat, Walk Like an Egyptian, Wake Me up, Jump, Livin' On a Prayer, Born in the USA, We Are the World!
This is Part of the 90's and BEYOND....... I think this is Bye Bye Bye
Part of the 50's.....Darb is on the far left in a red skirt and white shirt. She got to scream and freak out for "Buddy Holly" and sing a lot of the 50's songs back up!
Darby again Far Left in her Duet. Her friend April Rose sang a solo then she and Caitlyn sang a Duet part of the song. I was SOOOOOO proud. I may have cried a little.
The end of the American Peace Rock theme....
HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT! Jenna did that for SURE! She is one of Darby's good friends from church and school! (and she is a very cool 5th grader!) She was one of the BEST Pat Benatar's I have ever seen! Her voice was of the charts and her character EVEN BETTER! You will see her further down. She is a cute little blonde girl. Never recognize her as Pat Benatar. SO GOOD!

Darby again. The boy next to her is singing HAIR!
Livin' on a Prayer. Darby got to be a dancer/back up singer in this one too. She was very happy about it. She is in the back with a denim shirt on!
Too much fun!
This is cute Jenna with out her Pat Benatar wig!
Another genre was 70's STARS Songs included Philadelphia Freedom, I Got You Babe, Close to You, Love Will Keep Us Together, Someone Who Needs Me, and Last Dance!

Sonny and Cher..... This "Cher" was really good too. She did the perfect mouth actions and hair flips! Too funny!
MTV Generation Video Killed the Radio Star.
More Sassy Pat Benatar!
Van Halen In JUMP
Can't Touch This!
This is towards the end with songs from 90's and BEYOND ..... Those songs included...... 90's wrap, You Can't Touch This, Ice Ice Baby, Vogue, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Don't Speak, Bye Bye Bye, In The End, Good Riddance, Get The Party Started, Party in the USA, A Lady GAGA Remix, Dynamite, DJ's Got A Feeling, I've Got A Feeling and the Finale---ROck in AMerica.
Another night of Darby's performance. (They did 4 shows. Friday night, 2 on Sat and 1 on Sun)

They dedicated a whole genre to the BEATLES ..... Songs included Yesterday, She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Hey Jude, Let it Be and Proud Mary!

Darby auditioned with the Beatles Song "Here Comes the Sun"
More Livin on a Prayer! Darby in the center back.
This is right before Teen Spirit. A real crowd pleaser! Darby is in the back (so tall, always in the back!) ramping up for the big dancing/jumping section!
Darby far left in the green....usually always next to April Rose in the blue....the 2 tallest girls in the 4th grade.
Part of the finale! Confetti everywhere!
Finale song!
I wish you could see her costume here. It was so cute on her!

I had to put this in here. Darby was SOOOOO disgusted that he had his shirt open. I love 4th graders! They are singing Flesh Failures.
Yellow Submarine of course. Brandon did this up for them! As parents in Play Production you have to donate 18 hours per child. Brandon is always great to count on in the art department!
Ice Ice Baby! This is Brendan. He is Darby's desk partner in school. He's a fun kid and loves Darby!
The people that make it all happen!
THis is Miss Nina and Miss Paula. They direct and produce this production every year! Well done ladies. We can't wait for next year!

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