THe end of play production!

So here we are at the end. Uncle Dustin and Aunt Amber came to Darby's show with us. She was just expecting boring old mom and dad. As you can see by her face she was VERY excited they came to see her show! Pure joy!
Aunt Amber too? Could tonight get any better?
Her close friend Jenna. The cutie that got us rolling with the whole play production. The best Pat Benatar EVER! Can you even believe that was her?
FLowers for a very tired but thrilled girl!
Mom and dad showed up too!
Me and AMber!
Jeffords brothers....
Me and Dust.
Darby and Tyler Cowley. This is Jenna's older brother. I secretly want these 2 to get married. He is also in B's young mens group! I love this kid. We will miss play production but we will have Darby back on Tuesdays and Thursdays again. I am pretty sure she will do it next year and there are whisperings of Max wanting to do it too.

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cheri said...

Way to go Darby! So exciting. :)
Being able to scope out possible dates for his daughters is one of Scott's favorite parts of being involved with the YM in our ward, too.