raising butterflies

Our playgroup raised butterflies this spring. We each took 2 caterpillars home in an environment and watched their transformation into beautiful butterflies. The really cool thing about it is that when they come out of their cocoons they are a little dopey at first. Until they get their bearings they will sit on your finger or face or where ever you choose to put them. Here is B giving it a try! Dash's turn!
Max B!
Darby. Yes that is the habitat in the back. It is a diaper box with saran wrap on the sides.
This was really fun and you can order them off the TV or websites for 20$. Something I would love to do again. (This little guy came out with a crumpled wing. He was amazing when we did our big playgroup butterfly release because he would sit on the kids hands and let them hold him/torture him. Eventually he flew away with his crumpled wing!)


Just Jennifer said...

SO FUN! We did this several years ago and it was traumatic. Our cats managed to get into the butterflies habitat twice and killed one and maimed the other one. It was not a pretty sight.

Mandie said...

We did this also! My kids are begging me to do it again!You know they have all kinds of creatures at insectlore.com. I may try ladybugs-or frogs next!! =)