The spring dance!

Max and Dash were in their spring dances at school! It was really amazing! Max did a free style that I was NOT prepared for! It was a speedbag and then the sprinkler! AMAZING! Max danced to Micky Mouse Mambo #5!
Dash with some of his people. The girl in with the long brown hair and pink sunglasses may or may not have a crush on him. :) He danced to Surfin' Safari!
He did his own hair. It was not a battle that I was willing to fight that morning even though he was dancing in front of the whole school!
What a handsome man!
Getting ready to dance! (He wanted me to stop yelling for him!)

Spreading out!
Thanks Miss Natalie for MAILING us this cute Surfin' shirt so I didn't have to buy one! What good friends I have!
I love these boys of mine!

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Abbey said...

I CAN NOT believe how big your kids are! They were so tiny when you were here... have you been gone that long!? Sad face ;(((
I watched the video you posted... hil-larious!