uncle Ryeley

The picture says it all! She woke up and they were here! She ran out and ran to him! Between Ryeley and Papa, she was in Juliet Heaven! (you can see he doesn't like her very much.... I actually think he would trade me one of his for her.... he even likes when she is naughty!) When B comes home she gives what he calls a "kings welcome" running and jumping and yelling DADDY DADDY with hugs and kisses. (something that will one day come to an end and for now he cherishes every day) She did the same thing when Rye or my dad would come in. One time she was so excited that my dad was "home" that she couldn't even move. She just did a high knee jog in place while clapping and saying PAPA PAPA PAPA! She sure can make you feel special!

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Lisa said...

Pretty cute! Thanks for the book reccomendation! I have heard good things about that one. Also... hope your teeth are feeling a little bitter!!