We have a lot of fun together!

I ALWAYS have fun with B! That's how he wins me over every time! This is after Max's baptism in the parking lot. We realized that we hadn't gotten a shot together. The old stand by take a picture of yourself. I love them and we have tons of them. This one wasn't my favorite (hair on my face) so.....Take another. I liked, but why not.....
try for another, even thought the boy doesn't want to do anymore. Chase him while clicking away!
We have A LOT of fun together!
Post baptism....Juliet and Dash in Nana and Papa's new Mini Van. Juliet loved that it has a built in booster seat and the Disney Channel! Lucky kids. Sure wish I had a van like that!

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Sharlynn said...

Oh it makes me miss you all that much more! You guys just know how to have fun. I have fond memories of you two! Love you, love you, love you!!!!