The Man of the Hour!

Max has decided to be baptized! We are really excited for him to take this step in his life. He has been taking the missionary discussions for about 8 weeks. It was really special and I love the things he learned and more than that the things he taught us. On his first discussion the Elders asked Max if he knew what the plan of Salvation was and if he could explain it. Max said sure then he started his explanation with "Apparently there was a war in Heaven....." it went from there. I love this little man and all the amazing things that make him who he is! These are a few pictures we took for his little baptism announcement we sent out for family and friends out of state.

Learning to tie his own tie.
He is laughing here because I said something completely inappropriate and the phrase may be something we say all the time now. BAD MOMMY!
A little goofie!
A LOT Jeffords.
More Jeffords.

Here is the first face from the inappropriate phrase. The phrase may or may not have been "jiggly boobies". I will not say for sure.

Such a big sweet boy. I love him!
We'll post more on his baptism this weekend! He is getting baptized this Friday night at 7 at the Tarzana Ward.

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The Peterson's said...

That is a wonderful moment for all! It will be wonderful!