Horton Hatches the Egg....

This month in Dash's kindergarten class all the parents came in on different days to read different Dr Seuss books to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. TOday was my day. I decided to read Horton Hatches the Egg because it was Dash's teachers favorite book. I adore her and was sooooo excited to be able to do something in the class. I don't get to volunteer a lot because of Juliet. They tend to frown on bringing your toddler to class. I do a lot of at home helper stuff but never the SUPER MOM in class stuff. Last night B and I were going over our days and he heard I was reading at 8:06! "Well why am I not doing that?", he asked. It hadn't donned on me to ask him to do it. Of course he is the better choice and all. He does voices and sound effects and he's THE DAD! It fit in his schedule to go before work and everything. Dash would FREAK out if daddy showed up! SO there I sat, torn and sad that I wasn't going to get to have the "Rock Star" moment. "Of course it should be you! Dash will literally flip out!" I said.
It was settled and daddy was going to tell the story!
I went in later that day to hear Dash read his story in the library. Dash's teacher beamed and gloated over Brandon being the best reader she has EVER had and he was welcome to come back ANY time to read! I smiled with pride knowing that my hubby had made our sons day/week/even his year! He is a rock star!
I am not blogging this story to boast about B or whine that I didn't get to be the SUPER MOM today. I am simply blogging this so that one day Dash will know that I WANTED to be there. I WANTED to read to him in his class. I don't ever want him to think I was to busy or didn't want to be there. Sometimes Daddies are just better at those things than mommies. I love you Dash and I will read to you any time you want. (just with out voices and sound effects!) :)

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