Princess dress and dress up box

This is Juliet's "princess dress". I don't know why she calls it that but she loves it! I think because it twirls and flows! It's one of the dresses she finds in her drawers and will dig it out of the dirty clothes if she sees it!

She has a tuff life. Princess dresses and thin mints.
We have a HUGE dress up/Halloween box. I don't let the kids pull it out very often because it makes a HUGE mess. They never cease to amaze me with the combinations they put together. The girls were pretending to be angels here. They have on fury cowboy chaps and vest for wings.
Max was doing a grindy hip dance in the back. I have no idea.
posing for the camera....
perfect angel!

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ErinMaeB said...

I about died when I saw the cowboy chaps and vest for wings. That is just too funny. I love children's imaginations.