Pedicures for Princesses

While my family was out here all the ladies in the house decided to go get pedicures. There is a a place near our home that does Pedicures for 11$ and polish changes for 5$. They don't have the fancy massage chair but their pedicures are amazing none the less! The little ladies went with us this time. They were very excited and very serious about the whole process! Gracie Belle having her turn!Then it was Darby's turn! It's was interesting to see what colors each of us picked. Not one of us picked the same.
This was Grandma Myrna's first time EVER getting a pedicure! She says she loved it and it won't be her last! (fuschia pink with a white flower)
Nana gets a pedicure from this lady every time she comes out! Nana didn't want to get a flower but we talked her into it and when she was done she said she loved it! (pearly purple with a white and pink flower)
I chose BLUE~ Darby usually chooses for me because she picks the best colors ever. I used to be scared of what she chooses but for what ever reason she ALWAYS knows the trend! Brandon loves when I get my toes done. He says they look like candies! (blue with yellow flower)
Darby is on the left, Gracie on the right! Both girls got a little flower on their toes so the big girls all had to copy! Darby said at one point she felt like a princess. Who knew a little polish on your toes could make you feel like royalty? Oh wait, I DID! When we walked out we all felt a little better and our toes were the color of spring! 11$ well spent!

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