Thankful Heart (3)

Our neighbor came over today to help Brandon fix the garage door. He noticed we were putting in a new microwave above the oven said he would help with that too. Brandon had to get parts at Home Depot for the bathroom and David went with him and offered to help with the bathroom too. He simply came over to help with a 30 minute problem and he ended up staying for about 4 or 5 hours. We tried to give him a gift card for our thanks and he said it would ruin everything he had done if we gave it to him. He gave up so much time and energy and in the end his comment was "it was a Saturday well spent!" What a great example of service. I was so thankful for his time and energy he offered us. I know that Brandon could have done all of those things alone but it would have taken 3-4 weekends because we don't have all the tools or know how! David saved us time by giving up his and I am Very Very Very thankful!

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