Thankful Heart (2)

So I missed yesterday but I thought about it a lot. It was a bad day but there were moments of thankfulness! Today though I am thankful for my home. It is the first home Brandon and I bought together. I never thought I would own my home. It keeps us warm and safe and dry. My kids love it and feel at peace here. The back yard is their playground. Their rooms are their havens! I love to walk up the stairs at night and stop half way to look into the livingroom. It never fails, when I do I feel complete peace and hope. With in these walls we have lived, laughed loved, screamed, been sick, cried, had babies, boo boo's & blessings. There are stains and fingerprints, holes and leaks, rips and scratches and we are quickly outgrowing it....but it is all ours! I love it here and I can't imagine being any where else right now! How lucky we are to have a home!

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Tiffany said...

Everyone can feel the peace you have in your home, I know my kids miss it soooo much. I also have so many memories of my own of being there laughing, crying, loving. We miss you guys more than you know!!
You are such an amazing person!