Thankful Heart (5)

Today I am thankful for my mom! She makes me laugh and smile all the time. She called me today and left a voice mail that said "the blankets are folded! I repeat the blankets are folded." It is code that she sent us a package. She does it with every package but it changes depending on what is in the package. (It is supposed to be like "the eagle has landed") It is kind of dorky but I love it. I am so grateful she is coming to be with us and all though we are "taking" her away from everyone in Utah for 2 holidays it is darn time we get her! I wish we all lived closer! She is a great example of love, tradition, and comfort. I talk to her every day usually more than once. Anyone that knows her knows she is the best! I am thankful that she is my mom!


Tiffany said...

I have to say that I am stealing your thankful heart! I am super thankful for your mom too! I totally love her, and she helped make you who you are. Thanks Connie for all the traditions I have stolen over the years!!

courtney said...

Moms are so great! I am so glad she will be here to help you! That is the best part of having a baby.