Thankful Heart (8)

Hot Chocolate! My mom sent us a bunch of Stephen's Hot Chocolate! Seeing as our high temp today is only 51, we have enjoyed the Hot Sha Sha ever so much. It is not only the Hot Chocolate I am thankful for, it is also the modern technology in which I have to heat it! My brother gave me a hot chocolate maker last year for Christmas making it ever so easy to make! When you add that to the washer and dryer I used today and the microwave and the carpet cleaner that is coming a little later, the heater, the grocery store up the street, the refrigerator, the computer, the phone and cell phone, don't forget the t.v./babysitter, the car, the running water, hot water, and so many other things ...... I feel very blessed and thankfull to live in the time of technology and hot chocolate!


Sharlynn said...

Amen sister!

Lisa Meyer said...

Stephen's Hot Chocolate is the best!