Ear piercing

For Darby's big 13th birthday she got her ear pierced!  She went with one of her best friends Hailee Brinn!  (Hailey Jordan all ready has earrings...all though if she were here she would have gone for moral support!) 
Darby was REALLY scared!

Juliet looked on and BEGGED her daddy to let her get her ears done for Darby's birthday too! ;)
Finished product!
Little lady won over daddy!  She was a little less scared after the big girls had gone!

a little scared here!
admiring her beautiful earrings....that wasn't so bad at all!
Hailee was just as nervous as Darby!
but she did it!

and now all three of these little ladies have earrings now!  you may now Shower them with diamonds!!!

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