General Conf. 2013

These are a couple of our General Conference traditions!  Gen. Conf. is coming up in a couple weeks and my kids are pumped because of this right here!  The goodie basket!  You are allowed to partake if you are sitting and listening.  You don't HAVE to sit and listen but if you want to eat then you have to sit.  They usually sit for a bit to eat then they get up and run around til they get a bit nippish again!  
This is a new one.  It's our Gen. Conf. board.  It's all velco and you move the speaker to the pulpit and then to his chair.  You also move his topics into the word bubble.  There is actually a lot more to do on this and they had a blast with it!!!  (I got it off of pinterest and the lady that did it had it all together so all I had to do was print and laminate!)
I also got the littles new coloring books and they LOVED that!  Something I will do for sure again!  Happy Conference everyone!!!

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