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Here are some random Pics that I grabbed real quick so I wouldn't lose the memory BEFORE we start a new summer!  OH so behind!!!  I think I will just have to do a recapping of the year in one big post later.  As of now here are a few pics.....
The above ground pool we bought this last summer.  My kids are getting excited for Spring break in a couple weeks because we took the pool down for the winter (no one wants to clean a pool that you are not using) and I told them we would "re-open" the pool over spring break....  I may have spoken to soon as it still gets pretty cold at night and the pool is not heated.  ugh!  They love it and had a great time in it!  

Such weirdos!
I can rarely catch them making normal faces!

Don't know where they get it from..... These are Cloudy 2 shirts the directors gave to B and I.  We wore them with pride!
I love this shot of Juliet and I may have all ready blogged it....We will spend a lot more time at the beach this summer.... it's free.
Ginger Snap....she LOVES baskets.... loves to sleep in them.
Darby and I went to see Kristen Chenowith at the Hollywood Bowl with some friends.  For my 40th birthday this year I want to pick shows from the Hollywood Bowl and just buy up tickets and see summer concerts with friends and family all summer.  It's such a cool venue!
Modeling some of my favorite shades.....they are broken now but I am glad I got them in these shots.   They sure can be goofy.

We have had soooo much fun with the Sanfords since they moved to Ca.  They are 2 hours away from us which is too far to spend every weekend with but we make the most of what we can!

We did a fear factor cousin contest last summer.  I am sure I will do a whole post on it but if I don't I have it archived here.  The goal was to get them to try things they normally wouldn't and if they "tapped" out then they could be good sports and cheer on those who were left competing.  It was GREAT fun!!!

Two winners!  It was painful to watch and these two would have kept on going.  We finally just gave them both 20$
Max and Cole last summer before the Sanfords moved into their house.  We got to take advantage of their hotel pool!  SO much fun!
Juliet borrowed Miss Natalies hat!
Memorial Day or Labor day?  I get them confused.  We had a simple family bbq and went to a movie.  I love this little gang of mine!

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