Student Council

Darby decided that she was going to run for student council her 5th grade year. The way it worked was you had to be in the top 3 in your class and if you won that then you would go on to compete with the other winners of the other 5th grade classes. I was a little nervous for her because this is only her second year at this school. I know that if she was running and the whole school got to vote she would have a fighting chance because all the underclassmen LOVE her. She is kind to everyone no matter what grade you are in and they all know and love her because of her brothers! When she told me she was going to run I thought that everyone HAD to run or it was an assignment because this is really out of her comfort zone. Nope. It was all her decision. So the day came that they had to give their speeches. She and Brandon worked on a poem for her speech and the night before decided what her campaign would be about. She wore a "cat in the hat" hat when she stood up to read her poem. She had a great time and her favorite part of the campaign was when someone would promise something ridiculous (field trips to Las Vegas) and everyone would flip around to see the teacher's response and she would just nod her head "no". She said it was really funny. Darby DID win her class election. I was really excited for her! She did not win the next step though. One of her good friends did and she was really happy for her. After you win the 5th grade election they take the top 4 and you campaign with the whole school. These four kids all get to serve on student council regardless of the vote though. Voting just decided who would be Pres, vice, sec, and treasurer. (popularity wins out here) I am really proud of her for stepping out and trying something. She says it was a great experience and will for sure fun again next year!

Here is her poem!!! I would have voted for her!

Instead of giving you a speech that's long and boring
and talking up here til one in the morning
I thought you'd enjoy it if I recited a poem
I wrote last night while sitting at home
for those of you that only know me as "that girl over there"
My name is Darby Jeffords, and I'm in the back chair
Though Tarzana California is the place I'd like to stay
It wasn't long ago that I lived far away
I came here from Florida and Texas too
But I don't say "Y'all" or "Howdy doo"
And of all the kids in schools all over the world
I'm proud to be at Wilbur and a California girl
you may not know it, cuz you've been here since birth
But the students at Wilbur are something of worth
If you vote for me you'll find that I'm very outgoing
Creative, responsible and my skills are still growing.
I'll bring to this counsel a boat load of fun
Ideas for activities to play in the sun
I'll help to get rid of the stuff that offends, cuz
Nothing makes me happier than helping my friends
So when it gets closer to voting time
Just remember the girl that brought you the rhyme.
Vote for me, Darby Jeffords, for Vice President!


Just Jennifer said...

Such a cute poem! What a brave girl to run, that makes me proud of her for just even doing that!

Chubz said...

That was so cute! Love you Darby and I admire how brave you are!