Working out BIGGEST LOSER style!

Today my friend Robyn took me to a gym in Hollywood. We took Bob Harper's class! Yea, I said it! BOB HARPER!!! "Biggest Loser" Trainer extraordinaire! Don't worry because Jillian Michaels was only about 6 bikes down from me! It really was an AMAZING experience and one I can mark off my bucket list now! He was motivating and inspiring and pretty much just cool! I have never been one to sweat "buckets" but I sure did today. I actually had a little puddle under my bike. I was pretty proud. I didn't cry. (I cried out a few times) I didn't throw up. (wanted to!) I didn't pass out. (almost did!) I didn't freak out and hug him or say anything too stupid! (Still hugged him and told him I might cry....semi stupid but I REALLY needed oxygen so I will blame it on that!

I did realize that I want to be a better group fitness instructor and it is time to really start pushing myself again and stop "phoning it in"! (Robyn's phrase and I love it!) SO, I AM going to do better! Better instructor, better mom, better wife, better friend! Thank you Robyn for helping me get there and driving me and giving me peppermint gum in the middle of class to help me keep my food down, for giving me pants ;), and for just being a good friend! Thank you Bob Harper (I'm sure he reads my blog now because we are sort of BFF's....we work out together) for not killing me, for not touching the dial on my bike, for yelling at me to get out of my seat, for touching my hand in the middle of class, (sigh) for pulling up your sleeves and having delicious biceps to look at, and for motivating me to be better! (thank you Jillian for being there!) Seriously SO much fun and I feel super blessed to have been able to do this! It was a good day in L.A.! Now I will go take some Advil and pray that lactic acid doesn't take me in my sleep!

Bob and Suzy.... best friends forever? We'll see if I can fit him into my busy schedule! ;)

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