End of SUmmer Party!

We had an end of Summer Party at our house to celebrate the end of summer and to honor Miss Loretta for teaching us a cooking class all summer long. Here is one of the water games we played. You had to put on a wet t shirt then run to the other end of the yard and take it off and ring it out into a bowl to fill the bowl up. It was a relay and it was really fun! Pretty soon the kids just started putting them over their heads and running to get to the end. The need to win became to great!
Here they are ringing them out.
Brother Au just happens to be a professional DJ and he came and dj'ed our party. I say I need a DJ at ALL my parties. That was just FUN! He had a bubble machine that the kids loved too! Call me if you live in the L.A. area and you want a GREAT DJ! I know he does tons of parties and dances!
We played a lot of water games but I think this was one of the kids favorites. It was "dry dry, wet" Like "duck, duck goose". With a cup of water you walk around tapping heads saying DRY DRY DRY DRY til you get to the person you want to soak and then you drench them and scream wet and RUN as fast as you can! The kids played it FOREVER and it didn't matter if you were 3 or 13 it was FUN! Something about not knowing if you are going to get the soaking that makes it so exciting!
SO summer is officially over as I blog about it in October. WE had a great summer and it breaks my heart a little to think it is one more summer down before my kids are all grown up and won't want to play these crazy games we have for them. I still have a few more summers before they get all drivers licences and water parky on me! :)

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