Christmas in July!

My mom had a super fun idea to do Christmas in July while we were on vacation! We all drew names and got each other a gift that was under 5$! It was a TON of fun and everyone was SOOOO excited to do it! We played holiday music and ordered pizza and just had a great time!

Darby had Papa! She have him a t shirt and hat! Worlds greatest Papa!
Dash had Curtis and he gave him a carved sling shot that look like a deer. Curt loved it!
I had Ryeley. I gave him a gift card (some of it used) but he was excited and a Flash Gordon t shirt that he gave to my dad because it was too small!
Max had my mom and he made her a first aide kit that he made at scout camp! She LOVED it!
Juliet had Gracie and she gave her a water bottle! (Grace loves a good water bottle!)
Nana and papa gave Juliet an Mp3 player that they found on clearance! She obviously loved it because she is always wanting to use Darby's ipod!
Nana gave Dash an art kit! He loved it and was able to use it on the trip home!
Grace gave Darby an art book and colored pencils! She loved it too!
Curtis gave Max a paper airplane making kit that he couldn't wait to do with Brandon!
Ryeley gave me a picnic basket thing. I look really surprised because I was with him when he bought it! We had a GREAT time and I am sure we will do it again! What a fun idea Nana!

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