Let's Make A Deal!

For my Birthday one of my friend's, Amy, took me to be on Let's Make A Deal! We had THE BEST TIME!!! It was like an all day comedy club dance party! I highly reccommend going to a taping. I did not get on the show. Boo. (I later found out that I was not eligible because I know someone in the sound booth.....so they gave me a nice Let's Make a Deal sweat shirt.....not a car) very sad) BUT that being said I STILL had a great time and would go back ANY day of the week with ANYONE so that they could play! WE seriously had SOOOOO much fun! It should be on the air any time from now til Jan! So I will be dvr'ing every episode! SO MUCH FUN! Thanks AMY!

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Alison said...

Happy Late Birthday!
Your Lamest Friend.

p.s. love that show!