What do we do when the Thomas' visit?

We play video games! Lots and lots of video games in our pajamas! We play outside with the turtles!

We make a turtle paradise for all to visit!
And a turtle training center!
We dress up and act dorky......
because we can with our best friends!

Seriously, these girls are out of control!

We make up dances and songs!

We eat and play restaurant and sit by our future husbands!
We get treated for lice....yes, lice. Because someone gave it to your little brother while you had company at your house.
We take the seats out of the van and take every piece of bedding and laundry to the laundry mat in the wee hours of the night!
We bond as friends. You can laugh or cry. I think I did both, but Tiffany made it easy to laugh a lot. I would have been lost with out her. Brandon had to work late (very late on a freelance job that came up that day....Tiff said "Take it! We will be fine with out you!" I cried)
We fall asleep where we can because there is no bedding or blankets or couch covers or pillows because we had to wash them all!
Poor little Tanner!
We feel like Tiff's face is saying. We even had to treat each others hair. SO gross! I really am happy she was here even though I was also mortified! I sure love her and cherish our friendship! The only thing we were missing were Nat and her kids. That would have only made it more fun! I love it when they all visit!

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