Halloween Party

We were invited to a Halloween Party by a friend of Darby's. It was a party for the whole family. I guess it is an annual thing that this family does so they go all out and make it really special. This party happened to fall on Darby's birthday. We were originally going to do a little party with 4 friends at our house but it was falling on the same night. I didn't want to disrupt the party and steal away a few of the girls so we cancelled and decided to have a girls night after the holidays! The mom of the party was really grateful and she did a lot of things to make the night special for Darby even though it wasn't her party! It was really really sweet. They had some really cool crafts to do while everyone was getting there! They also had some AMAZING food and drinks! So yummy!
Amanda's mom got Darby a special cake. (I felt bad because this cake was WAY more amazing than any cake I would have gotten her! AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!)
A little later in the party a puppet show guy came and did a marionette show with Halloween puppets. AMAZING again! My kids LOVED it!
It was fun just to watch all their faces as they watched the show.

This isn't a really good picture but it is a little Frankenstein monster! So cute!
I love this picture of Dash. The puppet master had pulled out a Marionette that was called "fat man"....he was a fat Batman. It was quite funny and Dash really enjoyed that part.
I thought Brandon looked so handsome that night. I sure love my boys.
Daddy and Juliet, enjoying the show.
Here are Darby's friends singing Happy Birthday to her. A few of them brought her gifts. It was really very sweet. We had a wonderful time and I am so grateful that the Meyer's made it special for Darby too!

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