Darby's Birthday!

Darby turned 11. I don't want to talk about it. She is growing up so fast and is becoming such an amazing young lady. She babysits for me and she will be ready when she is 12 and REALLY good at it by then. I have a feeling she will be in high demand. :) These are the creepy monster cupcakes I made for her primary class. They were super fun and yummy! Here she is blowing out her candle/match. She got this cute hat for her birthday and then bought the cure crochet hat with some of her birthday money from Nana and Papa when we went downtown.
Her siblings gave her a book light.....
and the next 3 Leven Thumps books. She really was this happy. This is not a posed photo. She is great to be happy for what ever gifts she receives. I love her for that.

Brandon asked her to go get him a soda from the garage. This is what she met at the door. An electric guitar with an amp.
She wanted a guitar and I said no. She does sooooo many things and I knew there would never be time (or money) for her to take lessons. BUT our good friend Anna made it possible for her to get a guitar. (details later) Anna is amazing and we LOVE her for all she does for our little family. I love her like a sista! Brandon taught himself how to play the guitar so I think with his help Darby can find the time to play around and eventually learn!
She couldn't believe it. She just kept saying "It's too much. It's just too much! I will pay you back, it's too much!"
Our little rock chick! (I didn't know this but electric guitars have softer strings so they are easier to learn on! Who knew?)
Plugging it all in so we can get our rock on! ALL the kids (even the big one, Brandon) were excited to test drive this machine. The amp makes it REALLY fun because it can make all different fun noises with the guitar. Darby stayed home sick for 2 days with the stomach flu and she played guitar so much that she had blisters on her fingers! Happy Birthday beautiful girl! We love you!

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