Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

Haven't done these in a while.....

1. I love ranch dressing. On a LOT of things.
2. I wish I could eat at Outback at least 2x a week. I don't care how fancy a steak place you like I always end up wanting good ol' Outback in the end.
3. I have weighed my pregnancy weight not being pregnant 3x. (like "Hi I'm due to have a baby today....wait no I'm not) Kind of chubby.
4. I want to hire a housekeeper for 2x a month but have guilt that I don't want to pay someone something that I can do myself. I always want to go help the gardeners or apologize. (they come with the rental...everyone in L.A. has a gardener. NO one does their own lawn)
5. I wish I was in Relief Society still. I love my activity days girls but I REALLY love R.S.
6. I will go where the Lord wants me too. (and I will try to like it)
7. I am super blessed and have guilt for wanting more.
8. One day I will hire someone to decorate my whole house. I hope it's Tiffany Thomas. I LOVE what she does to a house!
9. Someone peed on my mattress and I didn't know what to do so I just flipped it over. SO gross I know. I hope no one pees on this side or I don't know what I'll do? Suggestions?
10. I would have another baby today if someone would just hand them to me. All though I sure like not having a diaper bag. No..... I would raise another. Anyone want to give me a baby? :)

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Abbey said...

First time reading one of these from you... you crack me up!! I miss you and feel slighted that I didn't hang out with you more while you were here!!! Oh, and I have soooo done that mattress flip thing!!!! HA!

Always - Abbey