Happy Halloween!

SO here we are in November and I am still trying to catch up Halloween so I can move on to Thanksgiving! Juliet changed her mind on a daily basis from the end of September til Trunk or Treat on what she was going to be. She ended up being Cinderella on Trunk or Treat night. Someone hand me downed this beautiful costume and she LOVED it. She was a cheerleader the day of the kids school parade and because she spilled on it she was a "farmer girl" the night of Halloween! (overalls and cute shirt with piggy tails only because she didnt' want to be Cinderella again!) She looked and felt beautiful! She got to wear makeup with MY help and sparkle spray and a tiara. I want to wear the tiara secretly! She loves it and has been wearing it with her every day clothes too.
So pretty. (and a little low cut too....who is this little harlets mother?)
Darby as B-Mo from Adventure Time the cartoon. Of course Brandon did her costume for her! Dash the Dementor from Harry Potter and Max as Link from Zelda and of course Cinderella!
Journey and Jeremy came to Trunk or Treat with us at the church. Juliet LOVED that Journey was Tinkerbell! Jeremy was the best little skeleton ever! He is SOOOOO cute!
At the Ward party they had bobbing for donuts. You can't use your hands. It was hilarious!

Dash finally got his off and onto the floor where he attacked it! Juliet got mad and pulled hers off with her hands and walked away !
Jeremy just took one too. There's no messing around with this silly no hands thing when there are donuts involved.
The cute littleies with their donuts.
Darby and her friends went to town.
Get it girl!
Then there was a cupcake walk. I had to get a picture of the princesses. This is Journey, Juliet and Daisy! Daisy is a close family friend of ours. (Anna's niece)

Anna went as Tangled! She even got contacts to make her eyes extra big like the Tangled girl!
Juliet after the Trunk or Treat showing off her card that one of her friends, Gavin, gave her. Gavin told his mom and me that he thought Juliet looked beautiful as Cinderella. What a sweet boy. Gavin is only 4. I love it!
Ahhhhh enjoying the fruits of her labors!
Hanging with my bros.
What a sweet princess.
Starting to tucker out.
and she is down for the count, sucker in her mouth and all!
More pictures of the super cool costumes! Thanks Nana for making the costume and Daddy for making the shield! Mommy couldn't have done any of this!

I did do this one. I drove to party city and pulled out my 14$ like nobody else could! Pretty good stuff right?

Darby as B-Mo. If you don't watch the cartoon then she looks like a game boy. BUT if you did watch then you know how very cool this is! VERY VERY fun and Happy Halloween! The only thing I do want to know though is when did Halloween become a week long event? When I was little it was one AMAZING night! Now there are SEVERAL if not A LOT of opportunities to put on your costume and get candy. I wish we could go back to the ONE amazing night with the parade at school or one other party. If only I were in charge! :)

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