Endless Glow convention

We had an Endless Glow Convention in Las Vegas where we were learning some extra tanning techniques and growing as a team. We had a TON of fun together. Madison and I made the 4 hour drive on Friday night and drove home on Saturday night. Again having a TON of fun!

Saturday night we all got to dress up and go see some special speakers and go to a meet and great. It was a great night! Madi and I started the night out at Firehouse Subs. Not super fancy but it happens to be on of my favorite places and her brother owns it!

Free Firehouse Subs are THE BEST!
Ronnie Price of the Utah Jazz was one of the speakers that night. He was a great speaker and really motivational. A great guy in general.
Chris and Tiff were there! More of my favorite people. I may have forced Chris to take a picture with me! He was still a good sport and I think it turned out pretty cute....except we sort of look married!
Best friend! Tiff was honored a few times in the company! I was super proud of her!
The real married couple! I love this picture of them! I love that Chris looks really happy and not like someone is pinching him on the back to make him stay and take a picture!
Miss Nevada was also a speaker. She had a great story of failing and trying and never giving up. I liked that her story wasn't one of ease. She worked really hard to get where she is! She is an Endless Glow Representative! In all her pagenting she will always have an Endless Glow tan! Very cool!

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