Halloween Treats!

One of our favorite treats at Halloween to have are Caramel Apples! WE ALL LOVE THEM!!!! I usually make them once a year. So far, I have made them twice all ready. They are so easy now with the caramel wraps. Takes about 10 minutes start to finish! Can't lose with those! Juliet just likes to eat the caramel off of her apple. Then she saves the apple for the next day!
I also made these cute little witch hats from an idea of pinterest! Super easy and the kids could help too!
Just an E.L. Fudge cookie turned upside down. Squirt a dollup of frosting on there then squish a hershey kiss on top of the frosting so it smooshes out to make a cute orange brim. (Very technical) I even used generic everything. This made 2 packages of cookies and I had kisses left over. A cute treat for under 8$. Would be very cute for a class party or church party!

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