What happens when leave the kids in the car and go into piano!

I ran into the piano lesson to grab Darby and was there for maybe 3 minutes discussing next weeks lesson and the things Darby needed to do. My purse was in the car with the kids and the camera. THIS is what happens when kids are left for THREE minutes with a camera in the car. (The car was in the driveway of the house I was at, the windows were down, no kids or animals were harmed in the filming of this blog post!)
I love to see the REAL attitudes and action shots when I am not around.
Some really important shots were taken.
No idea? Why are they in the front? How did she get out of her carseat? OH they are admiring themselves in the tiny rear view mirror that they turned to look at themselves in. Mom will NEVER know we touched it!
The all important Yoda shot! I love that Juliet has moved on to another mirror in the front seat.
Thinking what I should do next. Do it quick cause here comes Darby.
You guys are gonna be in SO much trouble..... I can hear her now!
Not happy with the music that WASN'T playing on the turned off car she thought she would CRAM a cd into the cd player.
Mom will LOVE these shots! Get a few of me!

They were right! With out the random shots of arms and noses I would have missed these 2 cute ones of Dash! I love them! He is a ham and I love it! They didn't get in trouble. We laughed a lot. I don't leave my purse in the car with them. I don't go to get Darby at the door any more either. I send a sibling and the piano teacher comes to me. ;)

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Silly kids!