This is what General Conference looks like at our house!

I wish I could say this is the first session.....it is not. Second session and we are still in our jammies. Do my kids ALWAYS sit like angels with notepads for all 4 sessions? NO WAY! They come in to listen to the prophet. The only one we "make" them listen too. All though if you want to partake of the conference goodies in the conference basket then you have to sit and listen. They will come in and graze and listen then leave to play. There is also a lot of sleeping and a little yelling to be quiet. I had to get a shot of what Max was drawing. I love that he was drawing the prophet....not really taking notes.....just drawing.

A shot with mommy in it. You can't really tell it's me. But I will take them when I can get them. I am rarely in the shots because I am taking the pictures.
I love conference weekend. Especially the fall weekend. It's time to slow down and reflect and be together.
These 2 doll babies weren't even drawing the prophet. They were drawing scenes for the gummy bears that they were enjoying. I don't care though because they were all with us and they were listening.....sort of. :) What are your conference traditions?

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