This is Halloween, This is Halloween! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!

So every year Brandon makes something for our kids for their costumes. It goes with being the artist. I used to get my mommy tail feathers ruffled until I realized that I can go read a book and I will never have to do a science project, ever, with him as my hubby! Anyway....this year he made him a costume also. It is simply AMAZING! Here is the beginning. He made a tie. Then he sculpted out of paper mache a head. This is the head drying on a tower he made in our bathroom to get it closer to the heat lamp.
Then here it is with the heat lamp on looking extra creepy. I was worried that the kids would have to get up to pee in the night and go in and freak out at seeing this!
That would scare me!
Here is the painting process....
The jacket I found for him at goodwill for 4$. He painted it and did some reconstructing. I helped sew some of it for him. (Now I can say I helped)
Here is the finish product! AMAZING! I hope he wins something for it at work. I hope someone else dresses up at work! ;)

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