Dancing with the baby stars!

The other night I was watching Dancing with the Stars. With out missing a beat, these 2 just started dancing with each other, copying what was happening on the television. I almost started to cry cause it was so cute! I had to get a few shots of it! I love my 2 little dancers dance apparel. It is obviously a few minutes before bed because we were about to get in the tub and get jammies on! Who doesn't like to dance in there undies now and then!?
Juliet LOVES to dance! Her big brother just loves her so he will dance with her to make her happy. (I think he secretly might love to dance a little too!)
This was the ending pose. I love it!
When Dash was done Juliet wanted me to rewind this dance and let her continue on with out him. It was a waltz and she loved every second of it!

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