The LEGO store!

We found a LEGO store a couple months ago! Can you say "HEAVEN" for my boys! All of them! Max had some birthday money from Nana and he spent it all there! $40.00! NOT in way that B would have him spend it. Max wanted quantity! B wanted HUGE sets of legos. Finally daddy had to let go and let Max shop around and buy 4 small sets instead of one huge set. It was very hard. :)They had tables set up where you could build while your brother and dad shopped!
Juliet LOVED it because she felt BIG!
This is the set Darby wants! (over $100)
This is the set daddy wants (over $300)
This is the set Max wants (under $100)
Brandon trying to talk Max into a bigger set. I think he was trying to get him to pool money with him! (Poor daddy walked out with nothing!)

To much fun! We would love to go to the amusement park LEGO LAND while we are here in LA!


cheri said...

Poor Daddy! He needs to come visit his old friend, Scott, so they can go shopping at the Lego store in Chandler and pool their money. :)Atleast he didn't have to spend his money on pink flower legos! Have to say I would have gone for the Millenium Falcon as well, but that's because I'm a huge Star Wars fan.

Erin said...

We found a Lego store here and Jacob loves it! When we are CA this summer Jacob wants to go to Lego Land.