Happy Happy Birthday Dashel Dear!

Today is Dash's birthday! He is turning 5! I can't believe that next year he is going to kindergarten. I know we all say it as moms but it is going by so fast! I will miss him soooo much next year. He makes it so things are never boring around here! We had a spiderman birthday party for him on Saturday with a pinana! (pinata....but that is how he says it!) We will blog those pictures later! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BOY!

Things we all like about Dash:
Daddy: "I love his smile and his sense of humor. I love that he loves to cuddle!"
Darby: " I love his wonderful smile and his wonderful laugh. I love it when he is excited and wants to play and wants to make things fair and even!"
Max: "He's very nice and he likes video games and plays them with me!"
Mommy: "I love that he is quick to help and he works really hard! I love his magination and how happy he is when he makes new friends!"
Juliet: "He makes me laugh and picks up my toys!"
Callie the cat: "He keeps Juliet away from me!"

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