Confessions of a weak bladdered woman!

Ahhhhhh, New confessions for the new year!

1. I wish vampires were in the scriptures. I would read them more.
2. I hate scrubbing my tub and shower and don't want to confess when I last did it.
3. I also hate mopping, so again....I will not tell you the last time Brandon mopped.
4. I can eat an entire quiche. So I don't make them. Same with buying Fruity Pebbles....the whole box.
5. I play wii when no one is here.
6. I wish I could be bff's with our marriage councilor. She is really that cool and I have always wanted her to think I was that cool too.
7. Sometimes, in my head, there is a narrator or music that goes along with my life. (Not like a second personality or anything....yuck)
8. I have to stop watching crime shows because every time I go to the store after watching one I am scared it will happen to me. I have some pretty amazing escape plans. Those shows are REALLY horrific now. No more CSI's and Law and Orders for me.
9. I want my kids to look at me like they do Brandon. (he is super fun and always plays and takes time to teach them spiritual things). I found out last night Brandon wants them to look at him like they do me. Who knew?


Kaela said...

Hehe...I always love your confessions!

Chubz said...

I'm going to make you a quiche.

I love number 9. Brandon thinks you are a wonderful mommy.

Bickmommy said...

I love to play Wii too! I totally would play it if I got to be home by myself. I especially love it now that we have Glee Karaoke Revolution!! If you don't have it and like Glee, I would strongly suggest it. I also LOVE Mario Kart. Great confessions Suzy. I need to do some on my blog again. Hmmmm

The Gee Six said...

Suzy! I found your blog cause you found mine! Super awesome!

I love the confessions. I may have laughed out loud at #1 and then had to explain to Jon why I was laughing. :-)