singing at birthday party

A group of friends in our ward get together every month to celebrate the birthdays in that month. It is super cute and one day I hope to be invited into their birthday club. This particular month was special because one of their ladies was turning 90 (Liz McKartey). They asked Brandon ahead of time if he would come and sing to her. Another friend in the group used to to a Charlie Chaplin act so she was going to have Charlie show up for the evening too! It was such a fun and special night for every one involved. I sure love this group in our ward! Here is Brandon and Charlie getting ready to play Happy Birthday to all the birthday people!
Charlie is actually played by Edith Schuller. She is one of my most favorite ladies in our ward!
Charlie and B playing Happy Birthday.
Here they are serenading Liz. Brandon sang, "Longer Than" by Dan Fogleberg. It was really sweet.

She did such a seriously good job! She stayed in character all night!
B, Charlie and myself. (That shirt makes me look like a lumberjack.....it's a gonner!)
The 3 party planners. Donna is on the right of Charlie. They are room mates and I just adore the 2 of them! Seriously 2 of the sweetest, funniest ladies ever. They both were opera singers. Edith sang in Switzerland and I think Donna did too. Donna reminds me a lot of my red- headed aunts. (my great aunts......so funny)
Charlie and DiDi!
Charlie Chaplin with the birthday bear! What a fun, memorable night!

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