Back to School

The lunches are packed, the clothes set out and the backpacks by the door. WOOO HOOO WEEE is what I said a few hours ago! 3 weeks off for Christmas break was too LONG! It is nice to not have to get them out the door on time (except they still had to get up and go to the gym with me). It was nice to have their help around the house. It was nice to watch them play together. Wait a minute. Now that it is time for me to go to bed so I can be ready for the hustle tomorrow morning I can't help but think about what happens when the hustle is over and they are at school? Things will get back to normal and Juliet and I will do our chores and watch our Elmo but we will do it with out them. That is pretty sad. I love these three. Before I know it they will not want to hang out with me for 3 weeks straight. They will not complain about going to the gym with me because they will be able to stay home and sleep in and not have fun conversations in the car on the way. Sure their were fights and sassiness and many times I thought "When does school start?" But now I miss them and I think I want them to stay home. (Not enough to home school them or anything!)
Who wouldn't want to hang out with these guys?

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