Secret Santa!

So we had 2 secret Santa's this year. It was CRAZY fun and CRAZY generous! It was hard to be on the receiving end. Silly I know. Humbling and Beautiful. So many emotions. We ran to the door after some pounding and scattering. On the porch we found 5 BAGS like this full to the brim of gift bags for each one of us! There was a gift bag for each one of us and some bonus goodies. We all received clothing and I got some jewelry too. It was really fun and we felt so blessed. We all wore our loot the next day to church!

This is something we do (not to this caliber) every year and we weren't able to do it this year. It is a tradition I will continue because I know how it is to be on the receiving end now. Who ever our Santa's were (we had 2 and they were both ENTIRELY too generous) We will love you forever and remember this Christmas forever.

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