Christmas goodies!

This is one of the goodies we made this year to give to neighbors and friends. It was SUPER easy and SUPER yummy and the best part was I didn't do but one thing with them! I put them in and took them out of the oven. The kids did the rest! They put the pretzels on the tray. Then the hug or kiss. I put them in the oven 170 degrees for 7 minutes then took them out. Then the kids put the m&m's on. Then we let them set! My favorite were the hugs with mint M&M's! (Thanks Taryn for reminding me of these! My mom made them a few years ago!) They were so easy and so cute on the plate. The only problem was that they were perfectly pop- able! So easy to pop in your mouth when you walked by! YUM! Even Juliet helped. She would unwrap the kisses. She ate 2 for every one she unwrapped. The kid had a blast! We also made "white trash cookies" and renamed them peanut butter surprises for obvious reasons, fudge that never set and lemon poppy seed bread that was a huge hit. (It was the cafe's recipe....YUM)

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Bickmommy said...

We do a similar candy that is called Poor Man's Turtles. They are pretzels topped with Rolos. You then put them in the oven and then push a pecan half into the top. I will have to try your recipe. They sound oh so yummy!!