Thanksgiving at Granny Carters

One of the first posts about Thanksgiving. We were blessed to be able to go home for Thanksgiving this year. Granny had it at her house. Malorie has always had a crush on Brandon. (the feelings may be mutual!)
I have a secret crush on Malorie! Not so secret I will tell anyone! She is hilarious, smart, stylish, spiritual and totally real! One of my favorite people on the planet! She is single fellas....
Joel, Joel, Joel. Thank you for being so fun to look at on Thanksgiving! All the single ladies, all the single ladies (sing it with me) He is single too. Funny, fun, smart, works hard, athletic and look at him..... Malories older brother and another one of my favorite people. All kidding aside about how lovely he is, he is really amazing!
The real man I looked at all night! He is just handsome! Juliet loved having him with us on this trip! Yes she is wearing the traditional turkey shirt. I'm a little sad because I may only be able to squeeze one or 2 more years out of it before we have to retire it. My mom made it for Darby and all my kids have worn it. My parents used to have matching ones. So cute!
This is Maggie. My grannies dog. Dash LOVED her. Maggie is one of the UGLIEST dogs alive but she has the best personality. I don't want a dog but I claimed her if she ever needed a home.

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