Brandon got a haircut!

Look out Ladies.....He is MINE! B got a haircut on THursday (by the Amazing Kat!) He lost his artsy shaggy look and now has a sexy Brad Pitt/Ryan Seacrest hair cut! He went from an understaded HOT to an IN YOUR FACE HOT! I seriously love love love it! Kat colored my hair on Saturday! She came to my house (because my back is still out) Colored it and then helped me wash it in the shower cause I can't bend still! HELLO! Nothing like a little nudity between friends! :) (Maybe I shouldn't blog while medicated) At any rate both B and I have super hot hair now! Pictures of my hair to come after Saturday! (she will be back for touch up and trims and a tan.....for her)


Alison said...

Wow, I like it. Hey Brandon, you got plans later?

Bittles said...

Brandon, Jon says you look hot-- he likes the new weight in your face.