My sweet sweet boy!

Today Max had $1 for his snack time at school. He loves Fridays because they have a coffee cake thing he loves. He doesn't get it every week but B gave him money today. He was pretty excited!
Fast forward to this afternoon. My girlfriend Katie brought the boys home because I am heavily medicated due to my back injury. Max came running up to me with a small Jamba Juice from the after school booth they set up on Fridays. (I never let the kids get them because they are TINY and they are $2 each. Do the math...4 kids....NO WAY! ) Max was soooo excited because he had gotten it for me because he knew my back was sore. I looked at Katie (who was trying not to cry) and she shook her head. She had nothing to do with this. I asked Max where he got the extra $. He had given his friend Edin some Oreos and Cheetos and Edin paid him $1. Max LOVES smoothies and all sorts of frozen treats. I know that was a huge sacrifice for him. He gave up his coffee cake in the morning and his treats in his lunch then he bought me a smoothie. I love this sweet sweet boy. He is always thinking of others.


Kaela said...

That is so sweet, I'm a little misty eyed. You're raising that boy right :)

Sharlynn said...

What a sweet sweet boy. Wow some girl is going to be a lucky one someday.