Ward Temple night!

The L.A. Temple finished the HUGE visitors center and our ward had a special night that we got to tour it. It was tons of fun and a really special night. Juliet paused to reflect the eternities. (she actually was in trouble)
I was trying to get a picture with her but she was trying to run away.
The Christus (sp?)is in the front and the missionaries encourage you to check it out, touch it and even get a family photo. (holy moly get those legs an airbrush! you would think I would have connections! Have you ever tried to airbrush yourself? no bueno!)
Diane and Rivers. Our family away from family. We lived in their complex and they are really like family. (she is the R.S. Pres and I am one of her councilors, so not only to we play together we work together too!)
Part of the visitors center. Super cool!
I loved this shot because it looks like they are all into it and learning and growing! (check out 2 shots down.)
Still pondering and feeling the spirit and learning and growing.
So innocent and sweet.
This was the last of 3 that Brandon fished out of the "off limits" area. No more growing and learning. It was all a plan to figure out how they could get behind the scenes.
A really cool part is the drawing table. All computerized. You can draw and color things then send it to your email or friends email. You can also send it to the Temple and they will put it up on a screen above this table. Super fun and super cool!
We went for a walk to look at the Christmas lights on the Temple grounds. Juliet knows what nuts she is related to.
We were trying to get a shot for a Christmas card but no one would cooperate at the same time.
A FOUNTAIN? She didn't want to leave. She wanted to get in. It was such a beautiful night! We had a great time as a family and they have done a wonderful job on the new visitor center. A really cool place to check out if you are coming for a visit or just want to show some friends!

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