Happy Happy Birthday Nana Dear!

Happy Birthday to my mom today! Almost everyone calls her Nana or Aunt Connie! She is one of my most favorite people in the world! My kids think she is greater than Santa and all good things come from her and Papa! It's kind of true though! She went back to work this past month and I have been a little lost with out her. When she wasn't working (she was...taking care of her grand kids) I would talk to her at LEAST 3 times a day. I thought she was stalking me but it turns out that I was calling her and needed her just as much as she did me. It became apparent when she went to work because I have been a lost little lamb. :)She sews, she crafts, she's super spiritual, she is a great listener, she is a super good planner, she sings in the shower, she burps like Charlie in Willie Wonka, she is AMAZING at the face making/noises contest, she loves cooking shows/sewing shows/and home makeover shows, she loves her grand kids, she adores her husband, she talks with her hands (like me), she would give you her last 20$, she spoils you better than anyone I know, she can't keep a surprise if it is for you/she has to tell you, she whistles while she works, she takes the long way home, she models in her spare time! (I may have made that last one up) These are only a few of the reasons we love Nana! Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

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Chubz said...

I LOVE your mommy! What a beautiful person she is. Like mother , like daughter!