Top 5 favorite Christmas gifts!

My top 5 this year! (in no particular order)

I know that the papasan that I whined for should be on here and I love it! I love it that Brandon listened (to me whine for it) but more than the papasan I love the jewelry he painstakingly picked out for me. I know it was soooo hard for him! I love it! That is #1
#2 New pillows from my mom! I love a gift that you can use every day!
#3 The gift our secret Santa gave me! Who ever shopped new exactly what I would want!
#4 The earrings a cute friend made for me! Seriously again so perfect!
#5 The apron that Mary and Anna gave me along with a compost container for my garden. I love that they knew me well enough for those gifts! The apron is cute enough to wear alone if I wanted! woo woo! It is soooo cute. I may do a blog just about it!
OK one more #6 The gift Kim gave me in letting me off the hook about her gift. I called her and said "dude, I have no money to send your gift. I suck" She said "dude, I have no money to send yours!" ahhhhhhh true friendship is the best gift ever!

I had tons of gifts I loved but I had to put those out there for my posterity!

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