Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary!

Brandon and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on the 27th! One of our friends came over and babysat and we got to go to dinner! It was fun to get dressed up and go out with each other! We laughed and reminisced and just enjoyed each others company! I would do it all over again tomorrow! (marry him I mean!)
13 reasons I love Brandon!
1. He makes me laugh every day and every night. Almost in every conversation!
2. He thinks I am sexy! Seriously. I am in pajamas from this morning and my glasses and messy pony tail and that is the first thing he said to me when he came home from work! "You are hot!" and he meant it!
3. He works SO hard to balance his career and his family and church. (A little therapy and your sweetie can too.....j.k.)
4. He is the most supportive cheerleader any girl could ask for. I can go to him and tell him I want to airbrush tan people and he laughs a little and then is like "of course you do! DO it"
5. He has no problem tickling my back for as long as it takes to wind down! (you know what I mean ladies!) ;)
6. He wipes the seat off when he tinkles!
7. He loves EVERYTHING I cook! For real! The man is grateful for grilled cheese.
8. He doesn't watch sports.
9. He gets up with the kids at night.
10. Sometimes he stares at me for no reason.
11. He is perpetually happy. (sometimes not my favorite thing but most of the time it is!)
12. He always thinks I smell good. Even when I offend myself.
13. He is honest. My most favorite thing of all.

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